What is Green Button?

Understanding electricity consumption can be a daunting task…

Green Button can help you better understand what you're using. Green Button provides you with free, easy and secure access to your electricity consumption data in a standardized consumer- and computer-friendly format. With Green Button, you can access your electricity data, share it with a company of your choice and receive customized services.

 Green Button is not a proprietary software solution but an industry standard that will make your life easier!


Green Button Download My Data makes energy reporting easier and inexpensive

Green Button Download My Data gives you free, easy and secure access to collect your electricity data from all your buildings. It makes energy reporting easier and inexpensive, while ensuring access to more complete, accurate and timely data.

Green Button allows you to:

  • Improve the quality of your reporting practices by receiving consistent (same format regardless of the utility) and accurate (no more human errors) data.
  • Free up resources and focus on what the data is telling you, so you can take corrective action and better run your buildings.

Presently, 100 million customers have access to Green Button Download My Data in the US and 10 utilities in Ontario have made it available for their residential and small-business customers. Discussions are underway with Natural Resources Canada to create a direct feed option between you and Portfolio Manager, as already scheduled in the US. Large commercial customers have yet to get this access from utilities in Ontario. You can help us make it happen by contacting your utility and talking about how you can access your Green Button data.

For more information, check out our one and two pagers:


Are you a Hydro One or London Hydro customer? Participate in the free Connect My Data pilots!

 This free-of-charge 12-month pilot with Hydro One and London Hydro offers customers the opportunity to share electricity data automatically with selected energy solution providers.

The following energy solution providers will provide you with innovative tools to better understand and manage your electricity bill:

To join the pilots, visit Hydro One or London Hydro.