How to Proceed a Spousal Sexual Assault Case?

You must be well aware of the fact that spousal problem has been bothering societies all over the world. Spousal violence also known as domestic violence has also touched the lives of many Canadian citizens. The only way to prevent this kind of violence is making people aware of it.

Sexual assault lawyer Toronto mentions that many people try to hide this issue. As making this issue public can be highly shameful for their family. Most of the time, victim fear their abuser so much that they don’t think of filing any case. However, doing that would give the abuser, the privilege to carry on violence again and again on the

The only way to stop the violence is to take firm action against it. It would be better if one consults a lawyer and then take action against the abuser. Depending on the situation the lawyer will fill a lawsuit.

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What Is Spousal Assault?

First of all it is important to learn about spousal assault. Basically, it is an allegation of violence that is committed against a person by another person. It can involve people who are in a relationship or between same sex partners.

Sexual assault lawyer Toronto mentions that under the Criminal Code of Canada, spousal assault is considered to be a sensitive matter.  Hence, the Criminal Code has created a separate courtroom in order to handle the cases of assault.

How The Case Is Handled?

It is interesting to know that spousal or domestic assault cases are treated with zero-tolerance. Hence, the Court tries to take a strict approach towards spousal abuse. However, depending on the degree of violence, punishment is provided to the victim.


Once a case of spousal assault is filed, one should get in touch with a lawyer immediately. The lawyer will listen to their client’s side of story. After that he/she will decide whether the case will fall under the category of assault. In case, it falls under the category of assault, the lawyer will start to file a lawsuit against the abuser.

Provide Support

Victims of spousal assault may hesitate to take the help of Sexual assault lawyer Toronto. The lawyer provides mental support to the victim so that they can go ahead with the case. On the other hand, they will take necessary measures so that their client remains safe.

Investigate and Gather Proofs

In order to protect the interest of the client, the lawyer will take important decisions. They may try to investigate from their end and collect proof. they will only try to produce those evidences which would be useful in court.

Train Clients

The Sexual assault lawyer Toronto will train clients on what matters they should speak and on what they should remain silent.

Ask Compensation

The attorney will try to arrive at a solution that would protect their client’s interest. They can negotiate with the accused and reach at a settlement.

When dealing with spousal assault, it would be better if one takes the help of an experienced Sexual assault lawyer Toronto. Having wide years of experience they can provide best solution. Catch the latest news related to criminal law here!









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Why Spousal Sponsorship Has Become Faster and More Effective?

Canada is offering numerous immigration programs for the immigrants who are planning to immigrate to the country. For instance, immigrants who are looking for a job and planning to settle in Canada can take the help Federal Skilled Worker Program or any other such programs. Once a candidate gets a job offer, they can also apply for permanent residency through Express Entry System.

It has been seen that the government of Canada believes in uniting family members. Hence, spousal sponsorship lawyer can help to bring one’s spouse to Canada. The spousal sponsorship is that it falls within the Family Class Immigration program. The latter program can help an immigrant’s family member to migrate to Canada and gain permanent residency.

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Spousal Sponsorship

Spousal Sponsorship forms a subset of Family Class Immigration. The spousal sponsorship program allows a permanent Canadian resident or Canadian citizen to sponsor their spouse or common-law-partner or conjugal partner for permanent residence in Canada.

However, it is important for the sponsor and the sponsored person to get the approval of IRCC. Only when both the parties are approved by the immigration office, the sponsored person can get the visa.

In this respect, spousal sponsorship lawyer tries to make one thing clear about sponsoring a spouse who lives outside Canada. In case, the partner lives in other country, they will need to file an outland application. The application usually gets processed by the visa office where the sponsored person resides. On the other hand, inland sponsorship is applicable when both couple stays in Canada, but a foreign spouse is having temporary status.

Reduced Processing Time

Generally, spousal sponsorship in order to get processed usually takes 2 years time. Well, that’s obviously a long period of time. However, the Government of Canada has made some major changes to it. For instance, the processing time has lessened down to 1 year from 2 year gap. So in order to sponsor a spouse living outside Canada, one will have to wait for only 1 year.

According to spousal sponsorship lawyer, the processing time has become faster as the government understands that it is very important to unite couples. It tries to keep family reunification program as their first prerogative.

Fewer Requirements

Another reason which has been cited by immigration spousal attorney is that as the sponsored person needs to submit fewer documents, time to cross verify the data gets reduced. Hence, the immigration officials aren’t required to spend a lot of time on only one application.

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New Forms

Spousal sponsorship lawyer points out that IRCC has brought out new application form. The application kit now contains one application for both inside and outside spousal sponsorship. Also, the forms come with fewer questions on relations. Moreover, within 30 days of acknowledgement receipt, it can be submitted online or send via mail.

With the need to prove one’s relationship with the sponsor getting changed, the processing time also getting reduced. Hence, in order to remain updated with the latest changes, it would be better if one consults spousal sponsorship lawyer immediately. Read more tips on finding the right law firm here!




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