Marijuana Legalization

Public Support On Marijuana Legalization Growing Immense world!

Legalization of marijuana is one of the most controversial subjects that are troubling the Obama administration and the federal authorities. Recently, more than 18 states in the United States legalized marijuana use under their jurisdictions, where many other states are on the verge of implementing regulatory measures on marijuana use. Oregon marijuana laws are likely to be implemented by next year passing a marijuana legalization bill similar to Colorado and Washington. The federal laws on marijuana consider it as a Schedule I drug, harmful and illegal under the Controlled Substances Act. However, the loophole in the regulatory laws was provided by the DEA, when it allowed the states to permit medical marijuana inside their boundaries if the voters support it. Voters in Colorado and Washington supported the marijuana legalization bill that allows recreational pot use to adults over the age of 21, and now, Oregon is looking forward to the same. Oregon voters rejected the bill to legalize marijuana earlier, as the Ballot measure 80 lacked proper regulatory bounds. However, reports say that if the bill on legalizing pot were proposed again next year, drafted with sufficient measures, it would pass easily. The support on marijuana by the public, especially by the young generation, has never been such intense in the past years and the voters in Oregon are likely to support the legalization measures. The Obama administration, however, has not yet responded to the state laws on marijuana. Instead, the president told the media that the administration had bigger issues to deal with, than arguing on the matter with the state authorities. Support on marijuana  Federal laws on marijuana U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer told the media that the matter is now growing profound and the public is ahead of Congress on the issue. Congress has a chance to ease the conflict of pot laws, but that channel is starting to close. Furthermore, Blumenauer highlighted some matters that have to be dealt before Congress could act upon the legalization of marijuana matter. One of the pending matters demands clarification for marijuana cultivation, and conclude whether farmers could legally grow industrial cannabis. The legalization of marijuana at the federal level just as the states allow it is a much more controversial topic to be addressed. It is assumed that Oregon marijuana laws would be in direct conflict with the federal laws on pot. The point is that the public of America is growing tired of the useless argument on marijuana, and if the Congress does not act to lead now, the public would take marijuana legalization in their hands.

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