Changing energy systems with data.

Recently, Andy Heppelle, the Global Director of the Capgemini Centre for Digital Utilities, wrote a post on the MaRS blog highlighting just how much power data really has when it comes to creating change.

Here’s an excerpt:

Once all are enrolled, the data transaction of Ontario smart meters on a daily basis will exceed the number of debit transactions completed annually in the country (Smart Metering Entity). With all of the data we have, we can do for energy what Goldcorp did for gold mining in Ontario.
What else can we do with that data? It will also start to be used for planning purposes in other parallel and overlapping sectors, such as transportation and natural gas.
New innovative companies will be entering different aspects of the business, such as information technology and telecom. Rogers will include it with home security offerings, while electricity industry delineations will begin to blur and new partnerships will form—all to the benefit of consumers.

You can read the whole post over on the MaRS blog, and leave comments for Andy there.