What is Green Button?

Understanding your electricity consumption can be pretty complex! Collectively, Ontario homes could save enough electricity to power the Toronto subway and streetcars for two months. But you know what they say: "You can't manage what you don't measure!" 

Green Button gives you secure access to your electricity consumption data. Green Button allows you to better understand your electricity consumption and identify opportunities to save energy within your household. Some of the tools allow you to set up alarms (budget alarms), receive alerts on your phone and learn useful tips to conserve energy.

Currently, 60% of the province has access to their electricity data in a Green Button format. Check the list below to see if your utility company is participating. Not on the list? Contact your local utility and ask about Green Button tools.


Participating Utilities:


Are you a Hydro One or London Hydro customer? Take advantage of our free pilots!

Take a step further with Green Button and share your data automatically and for free! This free-of-charge 12-month pilot with Hydro One and London Hydro gives you the opportunity to share electricity data automatically with selected solution providers.

 The following solution providers will provide you with innovative tools to better understand and manage your electricity bill:

To join the pilots, go to Hydro One or London Hydro’s websites.