As eighteen states in the country have legalized the use of medical cannabis, numerous grow-ups have risen in these states. These laws, like the marijuana laws in California, allow the patients or their caretakers to grow medical cannabis either indoor or outdoor. Here arises the important question, how do you grow marijuana? In this article, we will give you tips and guidelines on how to grow marijuana and get the best yield. However, keep in mind that marijuana laws in California are different from the marijuana laws in Washington. Therefore, cultivate them only as per the rules in your state.

Cultivate marijuana indoor or outdoor

Marijuana plants grow outdoors and indoors. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages for each of these conditions. We will find out more below.

When you grow cannabis indoors, you can protect the plant from sudden variations in the climatic conditions, like the change in humidity, temperature and wind conditions. In addition to this, the indoor growth of cannabis can protect the plant from all types of insects. On the other hand, when cannabis is grown outside, they enjoy the pleasure of growing in a natural environment setup.

Soil Conditions

Whether you grow cannabis indoor or outdoor, it is essential that you prepare the soil, which can hold enough moisture in them and has the ability to provide sufficient nutrients for the cannabis to grow.


The containers you use for cannabis growth also play an important role. Even if you plan to grow the plant outdoors, containers of specific sizes are necessary. Make sure that you buy containers that have openings at the bottom, so that water does not stay in them and drain out.

Lights and fans

harvesting cannabis

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If you plan to grow the plant indoors, you need to make sure that you set up a sufficient number of fans and electric lamps in the room. Each variety of the plant requires a different amount of light. Therefore, it is essential that you first find out how much light the variety you grow requires and set up lights accordingly.


Ventilation plays an important role in getting a good yield of cannabis. If the rooms do not have enough ventilation, you must set up enough fans in the garden and ensure proper air circulation.

Harvesting cannabis

You can harvest cannabis when the flowers of the plant change their color from white to orange. This usually occurs in a few weeks.

We hope that the article has helped you to get the answer to your question, how do you grow marijuana. Follow the above-mentioned steps and get the best results.