Green Button App of the day: GOODcoins

GOODcoins rewards customers for tracking their electricity and for achieving electricity reductions targets. Customers earn rewards for logging in to their account and for using less electricity.

GOODcoins are issued for measurable improvements in electricity consumption. Once earned, they can be redeemed in our online Shop for products or donated to charity. We reward GOOD behavior with the chance to do more GOOD.

 With GOODcoins you can:

  • Measure and view your electricity usage on a daily and monthly basis
  • Identify trends and change your behavior to save electricity;
  • Earn GOODcoins for logging into your account and when you save electricity
  • Redeem your GOODcoins for products and services

The GOODcoins application is available to all London Hydro customers for free, as part of the Green Button pilot.

Learn more about GOODcoins