Green Button App of the Day: Energent


How frustrating is managing your buildings energy?  It’s OK, you’re not alone!

Energent has been helping our clients get and stay on top of their energy by providing Energy Management Information Software and Services to help you:

  •  Understand: With more knowledge about why and how your facility uses energy, you can better make decisions to positively impact your energy use and energy budget.
  •  Change: The way a facility uses energy can be changed when you have the insight and the proper tools
  • Manage: Large facility and multiple site portfolio managers, manage your energy budget and take control of your energy use!

This 3 part process is proven effective. Now, add in a comprehensive set of reporting tools and you will be ready for any challenge.

Are you ready to take action? Think Energent’s solution is right for you? 

Energent has a commitment to customer service and, through our experience, we have determined that customers who see the most value from our system are higher energy consuming companies whose facilities have:

  • Someone who is responsible for the facility’s energy use and is empowered to make improvements.
  • A commercial, retail, institutional, light industrial or municipal building.
  • An electricity spend of over $25,000 per year per facility.

Does this sound like your facility? If so sign up for the Energent Green Button solution!   SIGN-UP NOW 

The Energent application is available to all London Hydro customers for free, as part of the Green Button pilot. Click here to know more.

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