Green Button App of the Day: MyEyedro

MyEyedro is a fun, fast and free way to manage electricity use. At home or on the go, customers can see how they measure up against family and friends. Originally developed for the Eyedro Home real-time electricity monitor, MyEyedro works great with your Green Button data too. Visit MyEyedro for a free account.

With MyEyedro:

  • Measures, analyzes and stores your electricity usage and cost information
  • Helps you understand when and where power is used in your home
  • Presents your data in intuitive and easy to use plugins that best suit your needs (e.g., summary, bills, comparison, cost)
  • Share with family and friends and find energy savings

The MyEyedro application is available to all London Hydro customers for free, as part of the Green Button pilot.

Eyedro Green Solutions Inc., a proud supporter of Green Button, is a Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario company with a focus on real-time electricity monitoring for home and business owners.

  • Follow Eyedro on Twitter for energy saving tips and topics.
  • Contact Eyedro directly for help adding Green Button to your new MyEyedro account.

  • Learn more about MyEyedro and Green Button.