For Consumers

Over 2 million customers in Ontario now have the ability to download their consumption data in a standard, secure way, and share that data with service- and solution-providers to help them manage their electricity bills and save energy.

The downloadable data is secure and remains in the full control of the customer; it's up to every individual household or business to decide how and with whom to share the data.

Currently, the Green Button standard data is available to customers of Hydro One, London Hydro, PowerStream, and Toronto Hydro. More and more utilities will be rolling out the Green Button in the next few months.

What kinds of tools and apps can I use with the Green Button?

A variety of tools and applications already exist that use the Green Button standard. We're slowly building out our solutions showcase, but you can visit the Apps for Energy site for some examples of what's already been created in the United States.

These tools can help you manage your electricty use, your energy bill, and even get involved in community efforts and competitions around electricity conservation.

We'll be showcasing some of the Ontario examples of tools and apps on this site in the weeks to come. For now, visit the Apps for Energy site for solutions that were created in the United States — many of which will work here too. 

What's next for the Green Button and what does it mean for me?

Right now, Ontarians can download their data in a secure way and upload it to a app or tool. In the future, customers will have the ability to securely share their data automatically with solutions and services of their choosing without the need for a download.

This next phase, the "Connect My Data" phase, will make it easier for you to connect with the tools that make managing your electricity consumption and your energy bills easier and better.

A pilot of the next phase of the Green Button will begin in late 2013, and new solutions and services will start rolling out shortly. We'll be updating this site with more information as work progresses.