If you are an application developer, the Green Button allows you to access a customer's energy usage information and provide your value-added insights, recommendations, and controls.

If you're a local distribution company looking to implement the Green Button standard at your utility, we're happy to help. We've included a bunch of resources below to help you get started. 

Any xml parser can be used to analyze can be used to analyze the data structure in the Green Button format. 

Green Button Summary

Standards & Schemas

The PowerInform Test Lab

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Tools & Resources for Solution Providers and Utilities

If you have an app or service that works with the Green Button standard, let us know; we're in the process of building our solutions showcase and would love to feature yours.

Presentations: MaRS Energy Hackathon
The following presentations were made at the MaRS Energy Hackathon (Sept 7 & 8, 2013)