For Solution Providers

The Green Button is a set of standards that provides consistency across all the smart meter data provided by utilities to their customers. Instead of having to customize your solution or service for every utility in the province, you can now plan for a standard data format that works across Ontario and conforms with a similar standard in the United States.

If you are an application developer, the Green Button allows you to access a customer's energy usage information and provide your value-added insights, recommendations, and controls. It also allows you to create your application or service in a way that works across every utility in Ontario, without the need for customization for various platforms and formats.

Any xml parser can be used to analyze can be used to analyze the data structure in the Green Button format. We have a page on this site where you can find more information about the format, standard, and other resources that will help building your Green Button-enabled service or solution.

If you have an app or service that works with the Green Button standard, let us know; we're in the process of building a solutions showcase on this site, and we'd love to add yours.

Direct connection: the next step.


Currently, electricity customers must download their data and upload it to your app or service. In the next few months, we'll be piloting a new "Connect My Data" standard that will allow applications and services to securely and programmatically connect to the data stream — with permission from the customer — without the need for a download or upload.

We'll be updating this site with more information as work progresses.