Green Button is a common data standard that is being adopted across North America to allow consumers to share their electricity consumption data with app developers and solution providers in a secure and privacy-enabled way. Instead of having to customize your solution or service for every utility in the province, you can now develop products based on a standard data format that works across Ontario and conforms to a similar standard in the US.

Green Button allows you to easily access a customer’s energy usage information and provide your value-added insights, recommendations and controls. Discussions are under way to extend Green Button to natural gas as well.

4.6 million smart meters in Ontario
Over 60% of Ontarians have access to Green Button (Download My Data) and 100 million customers in the US have access
10 utilities in Ontario are already on board
Green Button is not a proprietary software solution but an industry standard that allows you to build your own solution.

1/ Residential customers

Track and analyze energy use in various way
Engage customers to take control of their energy (alarms, reports, tips, challenges, rewards)
Optimize cost-effectiveness of rooftop solar projects
Provide future home buyers with historical consumption data (e.g. MLS)
Assist with retrofit planning to increase energy efficiency
2/ Commercial, Institutional and Industrial customers

Monitor electricity consumption on a daily basis & compare to historical data baselines
Set up consumption, cost targets and alerts
Quickly identify buildings deviating from a “normal” behaviour and implement corrective actions
Better manage energy budgets using projected and avoided costs, cumulative savings
Create and export energy consumption and GHG reports (Reg 397/11)
To know more, check the Community Call #1 presentation.

To join the Green Button Connect My Data pilot, check the Pilot page.

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