Green Button App of the Day: BuiltSpace

BuiltSpace provides a comprehensive building asset, energy, and service management solution, to optimize energy and operational efficiency across diverse building portfolios.

Becoming sustainable is a relatively new responsibility for building managers and operators, but one that is starting to be taken seriously because buildings are very large consumers of energy. Developing a sustainable program can increase the desirability of your property and save operating costs at the same time.

The two fundamental ways to reduce energy consumption in buildings is either through infrastructure improvements or behavioural change. We believe that a combination of both is the best way to maximize operational savings so BuiltSpace is designed to enable both.

The BuiltSpace application will provide the following features:

Building Portfolio Management (compare buildings within any size portfolio)
Energy management (baseline generation, tracking and analytics to measure progress, consumption report including kWh, Cusum and CO2 equivalent)
Asset management (single interface to manage all energy consuming assets, field access to O&M manuals, assets tagging with QR Code)
Integrated service management, to allow in-house or service contractors to access and update building service records in real-time, to reduce administrative costs and gather accurate equipment service and operating costs.


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