Green Button App of the Day: HomeBeat™

HomeBeat™ Web & Mobile is an engagement solution developed by Bidgely that helps utilities become a trusted energy advisor to their customers. Using data analytics to disaggregate energy information from each home, HomeBeat shows customers the impact of their individual appliances on their bills and provides them with tips to reduce consumption. HomeBeat provides bill transparency and insights that help eliminate bill shock and anxiety and empowers customers to make better energy decisions.

HomeBeat Web & Mobile shows customers:

  • What is driving their energy use and monthly bill
  • How individual appliances are impacting their bill
  • When they’re using energy as a home and by appliance
  • How they compare to their neighbors
  • Where to focus, and what to do to reduce consumption
  • Insights during the billing cycle so they can act before the bill arrives
  • How they are doing each month with on-demand bill projection
  • Impact of energy use on their bill in near-real-time

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