Green Button app of the day: Wattsly

Your personal energy butler

Wattsly is a mobile application that helps users lower their electricity consumption using smart analytics. Created by a team of engineers, marketers and computer scientists Wattsly allows consumers to quickly visualize and understand their electricity usage so that they can make informed usage decisions. Once connected consumers get access to a Dashboard, SmartGraph, SmartTagging, SmartTips and SmartProducts.

  • dashboard to quickly access your electricity usage information and utility information;
  • SmartGraph to visualize your usage on a daily and monthly scope in meaningful units (i.e. instead of kwh to bathtubs of water, KM on an electric car, etc;
  • SmartTags to tag peaking hours with activities that you conducted during the time of use;
  • SmartTips to understand how to further lower your electricity usage;
  • SmartProducts to get retail coupons and products to help you further lower your electricity consumption.

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