News from the Green Button pilots

As part of advancing the Green Button standard and its adoption in Ontario, London Hydro and Hydro One are making steady progress with rolling out their Green Button Connect My Data implementations.


  • Phase 1 of the Green Button pilots is currently underway with London Hydro and Hydro One. GOODcoins, Energent, BuiltSpace, and Eyedro are providing applications for this first phase of the pilot.
  • London Hydro’s pilots went live in mid-November and any residential or commercial customers in their service territory can sign up to participate in the pilots today! London Hydro is also working with a school board to provide them with a consolidated view of their electricity consumption across multiple locations.
  • Hydro One is completing the testing of their Green Button Connect My Data solution with Phase 1 vendors and will go live with customers in Q1 2015.


  • London Hydro will be proceeding with Phase 2 of the Green Button Connect My Data pilots. London Hydro will be looking at adding another round of solutions that are compatible with the standard they have implemented.
  • MaRS has issued a call to market to accept invitations to participate in the Green Button Connect My Data pilots.
    • The deadline for submissions is December 9th, 2014 at 3:00 pm EST.
    • Information sessions to support participants develop their applications are on December 2nd, 2014 at 2:00 pm EST.
    • Applications selected for Phase 2 of the Green Button Connect My Data pilots will have an opportunity to offer their solutions to customers for the remaining period of the pilots which conclude in November 2015.
    • The call to market and information on the selection process can be found on the Biddingo website (look for MaRS RFSQ#14-01).

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