Registration for the Green Button Connect My Data Pilots is opened!

Connect My Data standard gives you the opportunity to set up an automatic transfer of your electricity consumption data directly from your utility to a third-party company of your choice, based on your consent.

Connect My Data features are currently being tested with London Hydro and Hydro One. If you are a customer in one of these service territories, get free energy services for one year!

See below available energy solutions with London Hydro and Hydro One.

Hydro One

  • Residential customers
    • MyEyedro
  • Commercial and Institutional customers
    • BuiltSpace
    • Energent

If you are interested in joining the Hydro One pilot, contact Hydro One or visit one of the solutions’ websites.


London Hydro

  • Residential customers
    • GOODCoins
    • HomeBeat
    • Presence Pro Energy
    • Wattsly
    • MyEyedro