RETScreen on board with Green Button

We are happy to announce that RETScreen International, the clean energy management software, is supporting the Green Button initiative.
Recognizing that easy access to energy consumption data is critical when making decisions on clean energy projects, RETScreen is integrating its tools with Green Button Download My Data.
Users of the upcoming RETScreen Expert will be able to easily download and import their energy data into the software, allowing for enhanced performance monitoring, measurement & verification, targeting and reporting.

“By combining the smart capabilities of the expanding Green Button Initiative with the intelligent decision-making capabilities of RETScreen Expert, RETScreen’s 430,000+ global users will be able to, among other things: better track and analyze energy use to conserve energy and save money; plan the most profitable energy efficiency retrofits; and optimize the sizing for new renewable power generation”

Thank you to NRCan and RETScreen International for supporting the Green Button initiative!

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