The Advanced Energy Centre at MaRS joins the Green Button Alliance Board of Directors

On September 25th, the Green Button Alliance elected three new Directors to serve on the Board. We are pleased to report that the Advanced Energy Centre’s (AEC) Sasha Sud, Senior Manager, Smart Grid & Energy Data is among them.

In partnership with the Ministry of Energy, the AEC has been leading the adoption of Green Button in Ontario, marking the first implementation of the standard outside of the United States. The Centre rolled out the standard to over 60% of Ontario’s electricity customers, established a Green Button natural gas working group and supported the creation of 41 customer-facing applications.

The Centre is pleased to share our perspective with the Green Button Alliance in support of their goal to grow the Green Button ecosystem. The Centre’s experience in using a systems change approach to adopting Green Button is applicable in various jurisdictions. As such, the Centre’s experiences will strengthen the ability of the Green Button Alliance to communicate how other jurisdictions can maximize the benefits from the adoption of the standard in the most cost and time effective way.

The Green Button Alliance is a non-profit corporation formed to foster the development, compliance, and widespread adoption of the Green Button standard. The Green Button Alliance advances the Green Button initiative, a White House-inspired challenge to the electric utility industry to give consumers access to their energy usage information in a downloadable, standardized format.

The Advanced Energy Centre and MaRS Discovery District have been facilitating the launch of the Green Button standard in Ontario, with the Ministry of Energy. This initiative serves the Centre’s broader mandate to foster the adoption of innovative energy technologies in Canada and internationally.

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