Green Button allows utility customers to access and share their electricity data with mobile and web-based applications, in a standardized and secure manner, using a common industry standard. Green Button is a North America–wide initiative being adopted by many utilities as part of an ongoing effort to provide their customers with better access to their energy usage information.

It allows utilities to provide their residential and commercial customers with more innovative services to monitor and conserve electricity. Already 60% of Ontarians have access to Green Button as 10 utilities are now on board, showing great leadership and innovative spirit!


The first phase of the Green Button initiative gives consumers the ability to download their electricity data directly via utilities’ websites, in an electronic format. Easy!

Data is downloaded in an XML format and can be shared with any third-party company of their choice that provides energy services. A variety of tools and applications already exist that use the Green Button standard.

Green Button Download My Data has been implemented by:

  • Festival Hydro
  • Guelph Hydro
  • Hydro One
  • Hydro Ottawa
  • London Hydro
  • North Bay Hydro
  • Peterborough Utilities Group
  • PowerStream
  • Toronto Hydro
  • Utilities Kingston

Why participate?

Both the Ontario Ministry of Energy and the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) have identified the need to enable better access to electricity consumption data.
“The government believes that smart meter data can be used in ways that go beyond supporting customer billing. While respecting the principles of privacy and security, new value-added services and applications for consumers could be developed by enabling better access and analysis of electricity consumption data. This type of data is essential to designing efficient and effective programs to further benefit consumers. ”
— “Ontario’s Long Term Energy Plan” Dec. 2013
“Distributors must investigate options for facilitating customer access to consumption data in an electronic format. The options should be aimed at providing a more user friendly approach which allows customers to use, analyze, and share their data in an electronic format.”
— Supplemental Report on Smart Grid. Ontario Energy Board. February 2013
Be part of a growing innovative initiative to empower consumers and drive energy conservation
Thirty-five US utilities and electricity suppliers have signed on to the initiative led by the White House and the Department of Energy. Today 100 million customers in the US have secure access to their own energy information in the standard Green Button format.

Support commercial real estate
Large property managers and industry associations like BOMA Toronto, BOMA Canada, REALpac, Civic Action and Toronto Atmospheric Fund have expressed great interest in accessing building energy consumption data in a standardized format across multiple utilities.


Implementing Green Button Download My Data is easy. It will take you from two to three weeks overall. We have plenty of technical resources to help you and we can connect you with participating utilities for feedback and best practices.